About us

We are The first sports museum in the cloud

The Digital Sport Museum was founded in Switzerland in 2022 and instantly opened its virtual doors! It is the first in its class to include all sectors of sports technologies and is open to guests from all over the world.

The Museum is motivated by an insatiable interest for the world of sports and entertainment, a strong conviction in stories as reliable witnesses and documents of technological progress history, study, and the desire to spread and share knowledge.

We are a non-profit run entirely by volunteers. If you want to contribute art or participate in some other way, please contact us via the contact form.


We're committed to ensuring the Digital Sports Museum is run in an open and honest way. The processes and policies by which the Museum is governed are based on Copyleft standards. The Digital Sports Museum reproductions are solely informative, we do not hold any rights on the brands or images mentioned in the exhibitions or conferences.